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Welcome to the Studio!


Dr. Clements is the assistant professor of woodwinds at Valley City State University in North Dakota where she teaches applied lessons in clarinet, flute, saxophone, and double reeds. Students in the studio are pursuing a variety of degrees programs including music education, music performance, and audio production. Learn more about the music program at VCSU here.


Previously, Dr. Clements was an adjunct faculty member at Chandler-Gilbert Community College in Arizona, teaching applied clarinet lessons for majors, minors, and dual-enrollment students and chamber music. During the summer of 2023, she co-organized the Chandler-Gilbert Community College Summer Winds Chamber Music Workshop. In Arizona, she was also a teaching artist at Harmony Project Phoenix, teaching clarinet and saxophone private/group lessons and visiting programs throughout the Phoenix Union High School District (PXU) weekly. During the summers, Dr. Clements is on faculty at the Minnesota Clarinet Academy and International Music Camp.

Teaching Philosophy 

Music is a unique discipline that encompasses many subjects and teaches invaluable lessons such as discipline, respect, critical thinking skills and self confidence. Ultimately, it is a form of human expression unlike any other. My goal is to provide a positive environment for my students to excel in learning and discover their musical potential through the beauty of their instrument.


A Typical Lesson

Lessons focus on the specific needs and interests of each individual student. A typical lesson will address quality sound production and technical proficiency; etudes and exercises; solo and chamber music; music fundamentals and foundations of music theory; and engaged listening.

Please feel free to contact me here!

Private Lessons

Private lessons offer the opportunity to learn one-on-one through a customized approach for each individual. I strive to help students connect to their instrument on a deeper level by expanding their playing through tone production, technical studies, and repertoire of all kinds. 

Clarinet in orchestra

Woodwind Coaching and Clarinet Choir

Dr. Clements was the former director of the CGCC Clarinet Ensemble. She also directed the clarinet choir at Mountain Ridge High School, where the ensemble received Superior Ratings at District Solo & Ensemble in '22 and '23.  Dr. Clements frequently coached woodwinds for the Phoenix Youth Symphony and the Metropolitan Youth Symphony of Arizona programs. 


Master Classes

Dr. Clements has presented master classes and lectures for studios at the Peabody Institute, Ithaca College, East Tennessee State University, McNeese State University, Glendale Community College and many others.


Virtual Lessons and Workshops

During March 2020, Dr. Clements began offering private lessons to many students online and has continued the virtual options for students who prefer to study from the comfort and safety of their own home. Please feel free to contact me about online options for private lessons.

Headphones and sheet music
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