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Harbinger Duo

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, Harbinger Duo was founded in 2018 with the intention of building new lifelong audiences through impactful musical experiences in the greater Phoenix area and beyond. As proponents of new music, Vince Dominguez and Katrina Clements are passionate about working with composers to create music that addresses sociopolitical change in both the community and world at large. 

In 2019, Harbinger Duo premiered Where Once Was Safe by Kurt Mehlenbacher at the 2019 ClarinetFest in Knoxville, TN. Harbinger Duo presented a performance of Mehlenbacher’s duet at the 2020 College Music Society Conference hosted at Northern Arizona University. Most recently, Vince and Katrina premiered a new commission by composer Jonathan Russell at ClarinetFest 2021 in Fort Worth, TX. 

Vince Dominguez and Katrina Clements began collaboration while completing their Doctorate of Musical Arts degrees at Arizona State University where they both held competitive teaching assistantships. 


PC: Joshua Gardner


PC: Alexander Menrisky


Solar Flair by Theresa MartinHarbinger Duo
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