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Multimedia Commissions
Works for clarinet, electronics, and visuals

Much of my recent work has focused on research and promotion of music for clarinet and multimedia. Since 2020, I cataloged over 100 works for clarinet, electronics, and visuals written in the 21st-Century. View the catalogue here.

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many talented composers and visual artists on the following commissions.


PC: Olga Kim


Roadrunner (2019) for clarinet and fixed electronics by Spencer Brand
Video by Samuel Proctor
Premiered at the ClarinetFest2019 in Knoxville, TN
Spectral Passages (2020) for clarinet and fixed electronics by Alvaro Varas Painting "Spectral Passages" by Miguel Angel Godoy (Acrylic on Polytab, 96" x 60")
I'd known this place (2020) for clarinet and electronics by Dan Caputo with live audio generative animations by Andrew Robinson

Check out Strata by Dan Caputo (released June 2021)  including my recording of I'd known this place. Listen on:



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Strata with name.jpg

Memory Holder (2022) for clarinet and fixed media by Gillian Rae Perry

(video coming soon)

Memory Holder music box.PNG
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